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Structured Cabling Systems



SMI is a leading structured cabling systems consultant and installer for enterprise IT infrastructure systems.


We offer high quality solutions from all major brands. We offer cabling systems for voice, Cat5e, cat6, cat6A, cat7, and additionally the various intelligent patch systems available on the market today. We offer OM1, OM3 and OM4 fiber solutions. SMI provides new cabling systems ongoing for all of your horizontal requirements, riser requirements and data center requirements. All major systems come fully warrantied by the manufacture for the standard 15 to 25 year period. We also offer 3rd party bulk cable solutions for cost reduction. Using an international manufactures components with a domestic Japanese bulk cable supplier we can provide complete compliance for system warranty approval. Custom color codes, locking connector solutions are always the requirement of large enterprise facilities. SMI has in depth experience and manufacture knowledge to assist with firms thinking globally and acting locally. We have the ability to land what you need from overseas in English or source and customize a solution domestically here in Japanese. It is an all win situation.  


Our installers are certified by each proprietary cable manufacture and under go ongoing training and seminars. Our managers are registered with BICSI and follow BICSI best practices from the TDMM 7 to 12th edition. Our Fluke testers are calibrated by best practice as recommended by the manufactures scheduling. Test technicians are certified by Fluke and retain identification cards. Using the Fluke DTX 1800 and various modules we can offer the certification for most testing needs. We also offer OTDR testing and 6A Alien crosstalk testing. For some larger firms it is becoming a trend to photograph each fiber termination and polish clarity for internal records. We have been providing this for quite some time.        


SMI provides onsite assistance for daily cabling request from the variety of IT teams, voice teams, market data teams, business units, facilities and project management teams. We managed and update your patch data. Decommission patches, provide labeling systems, write patch data bases when there is no proprietary system available. Floor side, comms closet, data center or other we deploy all required daily changes. Itracs, AMP Tracs, Panview or our own custom data base. We work closely with Facilities and the PM team assisting in moves adds and changes of the office environment. We consultant and advise on connectivity issues. We update Auto Cad floor plans for physical connectivity relocations and design the expansion of cabling systems when offices become more populated. We also provide the consultation and design of rack elevations, comms closet and data center. We consult on cable management and work with IT on capacity planning and have regular meetings on existing port use and availability. We consult with facilities for the diversion of AC power and data cabling routes. With network identification equipment we can confirm IP numbers, VPN and subnets in your system to insure patch request are correct.      


  • Panduit
  • Systimax
  • AMP Tracs
  • Panview
  • Itracs
  • Belden
  • Krone
  • Fujikura
  • Nihon Seishin
  • Kyowa Densen
  • Patch See
  • Siemon
  • Corning Advanced Net
  • Standard ACO Panels
  • High Density ACO Panels
  • Standard Modular or Loaded Angle Panels
  • High Density Modular or Loaded Angle Panels
  • Passive or Intelligent Systems 



SMI provides a multitude of enclosures, patch frames, ISO bases, channel bases, cable management, cable ladders, cable baskets, fan trays, brush trays, and other custom manufactured items for a turnkey fit out or to assist in dealing with excessive patch cable and decreasing capacity. SMI can custom manufacture aluminum or steel products for cable management and special extension fingers and trays that will mount directly to existing cable management to double and triple capacity. We are always in compliance with the latest codes, EIA TIA, NEMA, JIS, MIL STD 901, BICSI best practice and many more.  


  • AMP/Tyco
  • Anixter Japan
  • Black Box
  • Chatswoth CPI
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Human
  • IBM
  • Ideal
  • Kawamura
  • Konishi Denki
  • Middle Atlantic
  • Negurosu
  • Nito 
  • Panduit
  • Rittal
  • Siemon
  • Nippon Settsu
  • Custom Enclosures
  • Custom Cable Management  


We certainly hope to hear from you soon. Thank you SMI Infrastructure

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