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Move Adds Changes MAC Bible 

SMI has world knowledge that will provide the expertise in providing the internal move add and changes within your organization. We work closely
with FM teams, business units, floor support, IT support, voice, market data, movers, audio video, engineers and architect firms to ensure that a
move goes smoothly until final user testing and handover to the business unit. 
Moves are when personnel transfer to another location and  construction issues are  raised to change the internal or external new environment. Daily
moves are usually less than 10 people and carried out during the evening. Project moves are anything above this count and are usually carried out
over the weekend or holiday vacation time. There are times when a business unit has a larger budget and  would like to deploy a move as soon as
practical and can require all night work. Budget approval is required in these cases with emergency meetings not taking the same normal request
procedures and mandatory lead time.
Financial administration varies from firm to firm. Each using their own type of metrics tracking, data base, drawing nomenclatures and  various Microsoft
office products. Additionally Autocad Visio and other in house architecture software.  One bible does not fit all so we constantly make new changes
and entries that support your  firms procedures in an easy to read  presentation reference booklet.   We define terminology and add an indexed
glossary of terms. Both in Japanese and English. Below is a typical example of a MAC Bible contents which is highly detailed with diagrams and
complete explanations within the Bible itself. This again is tailored to your specific operational protocol and system and requirements
 Mac Bible Table of Contents
      1. Receive the Move Request MRS
      2. Arrange Kick off Meetings
      3. Prepare Documentation
          3.1 Agenda
          3.2 URS
          3.3 Front View Diagrams Before and After
          3.4 Floor Diagrams Before and After
          3.5 Patch Requests To and From Subnet Confirmations 
          3.6 Scheduling
      4. Coordinating and Chairing the Move Request Meeting
      5. Inventory Check
          5.1 Equipment 
          5.2 Furniture
          5.3 Cabinet Move Plan
      6. Manage Vendors 
          6.1 PM Consulting 
          6.2 Mover Arrangement
          6.3 Telco Vendor Arrangement
          6.4 Multimedia Arrangement
          6.5 FAX/MDF/Copy/Shredder/Fax Arrangement
      7. Label Creation
          7.1 Cabinet 
          7.2 PC, UNIX, Printer
          7.3 Desks and Chairs
      8. Final Inspection Before the Move
      9. Move Execution
    10. UAT Users Acceptance Stand By 
    11. Documentation Confirmation for as Built Front View, Floor Drawings, as Built Auto Cad and Visio Layers
    12. Metrics Update 
    13. Evaluation Reports 
    14. Additional Resources
         14.1  Small move request/flow chart/schedule 
         14.2  Small move cost structure
         14.3  Determining number of positions
         14.4  Walk Through Procedures/Site Survey
         14.5  Order Form Creation
         14.6  Patch Request
         14.7  Info Update/ Patch Update
         14.8  How to Prepare a Construction Notice
         14.9  Final Wrap Up and user Confirmations
         14.10  IT Coordination Procedures
         14.11  IT Engineering Move Procedures
         14.12  Engineering Resource Allocation and Cost Formulas
         14.13  IT Coordinators Small Move Check List
         14.14  IT Coordinators Project Move Check List
         14.15  Internal Graphs Charts Auto Cad and Visio Diagrams Nomeclatures Layers and Coloring
         14.16  Disconnect and Shut Down Procedures
         14.17  Log Off
         14.18  Reconnect and Test Phase
         14.19  Power and UPS Systems
         14.20  UAT User Acceptance Test
         14.21  Labeling
         14.22  Equipment Information Sun/ Unix/ Windows/ Boot/ Hot Keys/ network Confirmation/ Ping/ Subnets
         14.23  Equipment Information Market Data/ Speaker Buss/ Polycom/ Crestron AV Panel/ Antenna Cabling
         14.24  Bloomberg Keyboards
         14.23  4 Port Video card Installation and exe File Locations on shared drive
         14.24  Internal drawings data bases and information locations on shared drives that the MAC team requires 
         14.25  Headsets PDA's
         14.26  Win TV
  • Admin - administrative representative from any department 
  • BU - Business unit or department
  • BCP - Business Contingency/Continuity Project
  • Black Out - A degree of non activity specified by the firm 
  • Brown Out - A degree of non activity specified by the firm less severe than a black out
  • CC -  Comms Closet machine room on the floor side . Each CC is connected to the main machine room located on an other floor.
  • Cost Center - Number assigned to each BU where they incur costs
  • Catalyst 6500 - Standard switching fabric within each CC
  • Dealerboard - Telecom device used for trading and voice 
  • DHCP - Dynamic Host protocol Automatic IP address assignment
  • Domain - Dedicated section of a network containing a number of subnets or sub networks
  • Daily Move - MAC work during the week for a limited number of users does not require UAT standby
  • Expansion Module - Expansion Module for the Avaya 6424 phone lines to connect extra lines
  • Face Plate - Plastic telephone directory attached to a users phone
  • Front to Back - Method of installing hanging folders from to back
  • Floor Support - Front line service department for IT request for each BU
  • GOAP/TDAP - General Office Access Point and Trading Desk Access Point
  • Gantry - Steel Frame for holding IT equipment above desks
  • Hanging Folders - vertical document file holder found in most sliding drawers
  • Headsets - head phone attached to telephones dealer boards and/or PC's
  • Home Run Cable - Direct cables run from the main Comms Room to the desk usually used for Market Data Applications
  • Keyboard Support - A move able stand used to support keyboards at any desirable location
  • Label - Sticker with laminated cover to protect and identify items
  • MAC - Move Add Change
  • MER - Main Equipment Room
  • MRF - Move Request Form
  • Morning Coverage - user support on Monday morning after a project mAC
  • MDF - Multifunction device Fax Printer Scanner
  • Name on Desk - user indentification listed on furniture and documentation
  • Normal Power - Building power not backed up with a UPS non critical equipment
  • Order Form - Order for with authorized BU ADMIN signature
  • Open Location - A desk unassigned to a particular user
  • Outlook Calendar - Scheduling application within Outlook for scheduling to book both domestic and international VC rooms worldwide firm wide exchange coverage 
  • Patch - Physical network cable connection considered critical by many teams as this highly documented and tracked Physical data access to firm wide networks
  • PBX - Private Branch Exchange telephone switch
  • PM Team - Project Management Team 
  • Polycom - Hands free telephone device for multiple participants in a voice meeting
  • QC - Quality Control
  • Riser Cable - Data/ Voice riser between CC and main machine room    
  • Riser Number - Port Assigned number within CC or MER
  • SER - Sattelit Comms room or CC   
  • Safe Cabinet - Cabinets with fireproof safes inside
  • Side to Side - A way to install sliding folders side to side
  • Small Move - Weekday work under 10 people
  • Speaker Buss - The name of the vendor providing intercom services 
  • SQ - Special Quarter or freeze period moves are not approved during an SQ
  • Subnet - Sub section of the network indicated in bold letters in the IP address
  • Surfboard - A plate for desk to extend workspace
  • Switching Hub - A term for switching equipment or Cisco Catalyst
  • UAT - User acceptance test
  • UPS - Uninteruptable Power Supply Unit connected to critical equipment of there is a building power failure
  • URS - User Request Sheet
  • VM - Voice mail
  • Water Server - Cold water dispenser
  • X-Net - PC trading application 
  • Year End Freeze - No construction permitted during this time
  • Zone - Physical office area assigned by the building owner or firm