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Lan Cabling Systems Lan Cabling Systems Lan Cabling Systems Lan Cabling Systems Lan Cabling Systems Lan Cabling Systems Lan Cabling Systems

SMI KK Tokyo JP  

SMI is a leading enterprise IT infrastructure consultancy. We offer high quality solutions along with managed services to multinational firms within Japan.


We provide total turnkey enterprise IT infrastructure management and remote support services. System migrations, move add change reticulation, decommission and complete facilities relocations services at the touch of a button. Pack re-stack, lift shift shuffle, data hall and user space IMAC management is provided with talented bilingual staff who are capable or coordinating your global tasks locally in the Japanese language. With world class experience and in depth local resources our seasoned expert technical staff are dedicated to working with you in the implementation of a solution that will offer scalability and exceed your technical requirements. 


With multi-vendor and multi product support our group of, technicians, engineers and support staff have numerous years of experience in the field. We constantly emphasize upon being driven in maintaining extremely high levels of professional client relationships. Our position is to provide quality customer service, care, responsibility, courtesy, satisfaction and always exceed in complimenting our offerings. Representing your global strategic presence locally is not taken lightly and in essence we become an integral part of your operations. 


SMI acts in unison between DC, FM, PM, CS and IT management teams. Specializing in the management of domestic Japanese on-site vendors, niche market suppliers, providors and the interaction or interface between all parties and the specified business unit we create a cohesive synergistic atmosphere between teams. We must adhere to the best practice latest drafts as published by the various industry governing committies and assure that your firm will receive the utmost in corporate level service. Your domestic success rate in all ongoing project and facility management proposals is also our ongoing success story.


Scalable facility infrastructure environments play a major factor in employee satisfaction in the work place. From the basement to the board room we strive to provide services that will enable your firm at all levels to ideally deploy a strategic infrastructure project with literally the touch of a button. Having multiple ongoing project tasks often at the rate of hundreds per annum, clients are advising upper management that the associated rigors of due diligence is detrimental to planned outcome and directly impacts to regular core business daily work loads and facility resources. SMI is here to help.


SMI strives to minimize the burdens of dealing with issues that are detrimental to the time dedicated to core business and development. Not to mention we will offer the relief from a few headaches, after hour work loads, strained nerves and some of the all nighters required to achieve milestone deadlines. We will provide a very transparent, seamless, contractor, vendor and supplier relationship that is an all win situation for everyone. This is certainly a valuable asset. 


As more managed services are being outsourced by foreign firms in the Asia Pacific region we constantly strive to attain new goals in process standards and expand our local APAC knowledge base. This is an effort to always streamline work flow and assure that project deliverables arrive on time as scheduled. Sometimes directives are years in the planning and precision in delivery is of the essence as delays can severely impact other ongoing project tasks on a local, regional and global scale . Downtime is estimated in the millions of dollars per hour for fortune 500 firms.  

On-line, on time and under budget we will aid in the planning, design, documentation, presentation, tender, ownership, deployment and the deliverables of your world class domestic requirements.

We look forward to becoming your local asset and valued partner as soon as possible.    

We certainly hope to hear from you soon. Thank you SMI Infrastructure